Compassion KARINAKAS

Caompassion KARINAKAS

Stefanus Suyatno Supriyadi, the beneficiary of KARINAKAS program (Photo: Hardono)


Antonius Hardono

 For Stefanus Suyatno Supriyadi, who is called as Pak Yatno, a member of Rogobelah Sub-village, Suroteleng Village, Selo Sub-district, Boyolali District, the name of KARINAKAS is so familiar for him. He had known Karinakas since the Merapi eruption in 2010. At that time, the family of Pak Yatno was evacuated to Maria the Immaculate Parish of Boyolali.

Karina KAS was known because its involvement in giving the logistic support in the refugee camp in the Parish. Then after the eruption, Karina also supported the living allowance and farming development so that the community can do their farming again. Pak Yatno was impressed with the Parish service which was supported by KAS.

Due to the work of Karina KAS in helping the Merapi eruption victims, Pak felt embarrassed. Many people in the village near Pak Yatno appreciated him because they saw him as a Catholic figure who helped and saved the people around Rogobelah by evacuating them to the Parich refugee camp. They felt that they felt cared and helped, and they knew that the Parish and KARINAKAS were owned by Catholic Church.

Then, the deepen impression for Pak Yatno, was that KARINAKAS is a church owned-humanity organization but it works not only for Catholic people but also for all people without seeing their origin, religions, groups, ethnics, and Karina has not other goal than helping people in needs.

Until now, the impact felt by Pak Yatno of the programs run by Karina help the welfare of the community like Karina’s program to develop biogas. Pak Yatno also felt the benefit, such as:

  • Knowing and having the ability to make independent biogas installation, because the making process in Pak Yatno’s house only done with his wife and children, even he can help making the biogas installation for them who need it.
  • Economically, biogas can save the need of firewood and LPG, so that the money can be used for his children school fare.
  • Biogas indirectly can reserve the wood because the need of firewood and logging can be under-controlled, and this act also has the impact in rain water supply. Hopefully, this condition can save the spring water.

The Meaning of Fasting

Fasting for Pak Yatno, interpreted as a concern for the people to see their fellows who are in needs, retarded, have inabilities, and difficulties, so that as the concern, Pak Yatno who also serves as Area Head of Maria Cordis does the action to share the vegetables in the Eater Day in Maria of Immaculate Parish of Boyolali.

Pak Yatno remember when Merapi erupted, all people supported the logistic sincerely, so now it is the time for Pak Yatno wants to reply the love with real action.

The eruption incident had realized Pak Yatno that church in this case, the Parish and KARINAKAS had helped the people and that is the salt of the world.

Pak Yatno has a hope that KARINAKAS keeps the communication and can be a friend in completing or seeking for solution in some problems which faced by the people in Suroteleng. The next plans to help the people of Suroteleng are:

  1. Modernization of farming tools, like hand-tractor or spraying tools/machines which can facilitate the farming.
  2. Making the rainwater reservoir in each house so that it can be the solution of water shortage in the dry season.
  3. Marketing assistance of the yields (Holticultured vegetables)

Translated by: Mita


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