When Youth Talk About Village

Lokakarya Desa Suroteleng

Y. Bayu Kristiawan, KARINAKAS, delivered inputs in workshop of Revitalisasi Gotong Royong Untuk Suroteleng Membangun (Revitalisation of Community Work for Developing Suroteleng), in Village Hall of Suroteleng, Selo, Boyolali, 17-18 May 2016 (Foto: Ferry)


Ahmad Erani Yustika

Kini saatnya kaum muda (Now is the time for young people)
Penuhi panggilan tugas mulia (to fulfill a noble task)
Singsingkan lengan baju untuk Nusa (Roll up your sleeves for the Nation)
Berkarya bagi Tanah Air tercinta (Working for the beloved homeland)

Mengolah sawah, hutan, lautan (cultivating farms, woods, seas)
Merawat sumber daya kehidupan (fostering the living resources)
Satukan tekad gelorakan semangat (Unite the strong determination, surge the spirit)
Membangun bangsa makmur dan berdaulat (To develop the prosperous and independent nation)

Musyawarah jadi pandu warga (Society discussion becomes the society guide)
Adat istiadat lestarikan sukma budaya (Customs conserve cultural soul)
Gotong royong sandaran kerja (Mutual cooperation is the working support)
Keadilan tujuan bersama (Justice is the shared goal)

Bebaskanlah desa dari kemiskinan (Free the villages from poverty)
Wujudkan kemandirian sandang, pangan, papan (Realize the independence in clothing, food, housing)
Bergandeng tangan tulus ikhlas berjuang (Hand in hand to struggle)
Mengabdi pada desa membangun Indonesia (To dedicate to the villages in developing Indonesia)

The poem by Ahmad Erani Yustina, Directorate General of Development and Community Empowerment of the Village Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia, is fitted and becomes the encouragement for 38 youths in Suroteleng Village, Selo Subdistrict, Boyolali, Central Java on 17-18 May 2016 in a workshop entitled “Revitalisasi Gotong Royong untuk Suroteleng Membangun” (Revitalization of Mutual Cooperation for Developing Suroteleng).

The workshop held by the Administration of Suroteleng Village, Yayasan Darma Desa, KARINAKAS, Forum Desa Nusantara, and Serikat Paguyuban Petani Qoryah Thayyibah (SPPQT) is the follow-up of the implementation of Law No 6 of 2014 concerning Village Society Initiative Based Village.

In Law No. 6/2014 it is confirmed that the approach used in the village development are “Village Develops” and “Developing Village” which is integrated in the Village Development plan.  This approach is the critics toward model of previous village development policy.  In Law No. 32/2004 the village local scaled development concept is unknown, and only know the village area development concept.

The concept of "Village Develops" ensures that Village is the main subject of the village development. The concept is relevant with the village scaled local authority and rights of origin.  The village has the right to plan, condut, monitor, and evaluate the development independently based on the village local initiatives.

Youth Workshop

Sutris, the Head of Suroteleng Village who is still young in age engages with the youths in his village to be active in initiating the village development. The youths, according to Sinam, from Forum Desa Nusantara, are the Y generation who have creativity, and will be the pioneers of the village development.

With Bayu Kristiawan from KARINAKAS as the interviewee, Anik from SPEKHAM Surakarta, and Muhamad Hisyam from SPPQT, and facilities by Sinam, Widodo, Mujiyanto from Forum Desa Nusantara, this youths explore their village potentials.

The first day was guided by Sinam. The youths explored the village potentials and their expectation for the future Suroteleng village. From this exploration, it was found that there were many positive things owned by the village. Additional to the friendly, tolerant, loyal society, Suroteleng has unique cultural tradition, the village history. It has various arts, such as reog, jatilan, sholawatan and so on, also natural potentials, its beauty and crop diversity. The discussion was lively, creative, and productive.

The second day workshop took place with sharp goal. Sinam guided the youths in appreciative mapping of the village assets and the dreams of the village.

Lokakarya Desa

One of the participants was presenting the discussion result of the village potential, witnessed by the Facilitator, Sinam, Forum Desa Nusantara (Photo credit: Ferry)

“Welcome to Suroteleng Indah village,” said a participant as the opening of presentation on their dreams for Suroteleng for the next 4 years. From the groups presenting their dreams for Suroteleng, each presented their wonderful dreams. After they made the mapping of village assets with complemented and riveting images earlier. Even, they can know the historical places and tourism potential points in details. These youths are the wonderful assets for Suroteleng village.

The two day workshop was the baby step of the Suroteleng dreams to be the more developed village. Accordingly, to realize it, 38 present youths in this workshop were assigned as the Acceleration Team of Suroteleng Develops. This team is divided into two small teams, Village Asset Census Team and Welfare Census Team.

In the near future, they will perform their duties as the Acceleration Team of Suroteleng Develops. Sutris as the village head confirmes that this team will be ratified and got the Decree on the breaking the fast event with the Regent of Boyolali. The spirit of these youths should be appreciated. They promised to give their best contribution for Suroteleng.

“We are ready to give our best for Suroteleng, and we asked for a room which is recently unused next to this meeting hall. That room will be used as our gathering place,” said Dwi, one of the participants who becomes the chairperson of Village Asset Census Team. Dream is the key for us to conquer the world (Niji). Keep on dreaming and realize your dreams. (Ferry T. Indratno and Sr. Huberta, FSGM, Translated by: Mita)

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