Y. Teguh Bayu Kristiawan (left), the Program Manager of PMM KARINAKAS (foto: Caritas Germany)


For some people in Boyolali district, using firewood or LPG for cooking is their daily routine. The using of firewood seems to be simple but in the long term, it will harm the preservation of nature which in turn will impact on drought, landslide, flood, and so on.

          According to BPBD of Boyolali district, the potential hazards in Boyolali district consist of Geology hazard (Merapi volcano eruption, landslide, and earthquake) and Hydro-Meteorology hazard (flood, tornado/waterspout, and drought/forest fire).

          Seeing this condition, Karitas Indonesia Keuskupan Agung Semarang (KARINAKAS) through the PMM (Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Mandiri/Building Community Resilience) Program made serious efforts to escalate the community capacity to reduce the disaster risk by resources owned or by other parties help. KARINAKAS chose Biogas program.

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