Self Help GroupSelf Help Group

Self Help GroupSelf Help Group

Self Help Group product and activity (photo:ferry)


For Dwi Astuti of Beku and Wiji of Jeblog, both are difable friends from Karanganom Sub-district, Klaten, they never thought that they will join the SHG, along with the community in their villages. Joko Waluyo of Pomah Village, Tulung Sub-district, a difable person, becomes the Chairman of SHG in Pomah Village, which consisting of 20 members.


What is SHG? SHG is an abbreviation of Self Help Group or often referred to as group which helps each other or supporting group. SHG is defined as a group which provides support for each group member. The group member holding on the view that people who face problems can help each other with greater more open empathy and compassion (Ahmadi, 2007 cit Keliat, 2008).

Karinakas with the local government, Jeblog Village, Beku, Jambeyan, Karanganom Sub-district, and Pomah Village, Tulung Sub-district, Klaten District and Ngreco Village, Krajan, Tegalsari, and Grogol, Weru Sub-district, Sukoharjo, encourage the realization of inclusive village.

The development process in the inclusive village, it should be determined that marginalized groups can involve in that that process. The concept sought the entitlement for the marginalized group in the development process. Currently, almost in all countries, difable is one of the marginalized groups. Difable still faces difficulties in seeking the attention as the object in the development programs and as the subject/active actor at once.

SHG becomes the place for the persons with different ability and other community to distribute the compassion and social care. In Klaten District, SHG groups have been established in all villages which accompanied by KARINAKAS. SHG Karya Difa Mandiri has been established in Pomah Village, Karya Mukti Mandiri in Jambeyan, Maju Jaya in Beku, and SHG Difa Mandiri in Jeblog. SHG groups are also established in villages which accompanied by Karina in Sukoharjo, such as Ngreco, Krajan, Tegalsari and Grogol Villages.

These SHG groups have various business, among others salted eggs, herbal drink, chips, dish soap, breeding and rearing pond of tilapia fish, shoe soles manufacture, wickerwork, massage business, grocery shop, and so on.

The difable fellows through SHG are really empowered and they have higher confidence as the development of the business and the growth of the solidarity among them. It is not impossible that the difable fellows are successful and beat the “normal” fellows who do not have the will to work hard. (Author: Ferry, Translated by: Mita)

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