Thematic Development and Planning Conference


Some participants of Musrenbang Tematik (Photo : Karel Tuhehay)


By: Karel Tuhehay

To capture the aspirations of People with Different Ability to be more involved in the development, Sukoharjo District held a Thematic Development and Planning Conference (Musrenbang Tematik) by theme: "Building the Mainstreaming of the People with Different Ability in the Development". This event was held on 21 March 2016 and was attended by the related SKPD, social organizations, NGOs, and representatives of Commission I of DPRD of Sukoharjo District.

Musrenbang Tematik agreed the FGD (Focus Group Discussion) to sharpen the things that have been discussed. FGD will refer to the RBM (Rehabilitasi Bersumberdaya Masyarakat/Community-Based Rehabilitation—CBR) matrix, i.e. Health, Education, Livelihood, Inclusive Social, and Empowerment.

Musrenbang Tematik is an activity which is seen as significant in capturing the aspiration from people with different ability. If during this time, the aspiration capturing rarely done by the Government, especially for people with different ability, through the Caring Program run by KARINAKAS, this activity will be the initial step in capturing the aspiration from them to be taken to the Musrenbang in the District Level. (Translated by: Mita)

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