Between Inclusion Center, Agus Inspirator, and the Independent Spirit of the People with Different Abilities

Inclusi center

Assistant Regional Secretary of Economic Development and Welfare Division of Klaten District Administration, Purwanto Anggono Cipto, accompanied by the Head of Karanganom Sub-district, Slamet Samodra Karyadi and Pramono Murdoko from KARINAKAS hit the gong as the symbol of the opening of Inclusion Center in Karanganom Sub-district, Klaten, Central Java (Photo: Ferry)


Sengaja aku datang ke kotamu

Lama nian tidak bertemu

ingin diriku mengulang kembali

berjalan-jalan bagai tahun lalu

Sepanjang jalan kenangan

kita selalu bergandeng tangan

Sepanjang jalan kenangan

kau peluk diriku mesra
Hujan yang rintik-rintik

diawal bulan itu

menambah nikmatnya malam syahdu

(I came to your town purposefully

Long time no see

I want to repeat it

Strolling like the last year

Throughout the memory

You always took my hands

Throughout the memory

You hugged me affectionately

Those drizzle

In the beginning of the month

Adding the pleasure to this calm evening)

Inclusi centre

Agus Inspirator, Suroyo and Anna, people with different ability from Klaten, contributed their golden voices to inspire the other people with different ability in the opening ceremony of Inclusion Center in Karanganom Sub-district, Klaten, 21 April 2016 (Photo: Ferry)

Thus, the song entitled Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan (Throughout the Memory) which was popularized by Tetty Kadi, rechanted by Agus Inspirator, Suroyo and Anna who are people with different abilities who have golden voices from Klaten. This song enchanted and created emotion, and also the spirit of the hundreds of people with different abilities who attended the opening of Inclusion Center in Karanganom Sub-district, Klaten, coincided with the memorial day of Kartini, on 21 April 2016.

The presence of Agus Inspirator who has the real name as Agus Putranto (36) who is from Klaten was really encouraging the people with different abilities to be independent. Since he was born, Agus was in a state of blind. However, his condition did not make him discouraged and felt inferior among his friends. Eventhough sometimes Agus feels that he is being treated unfairly and excommunicated from his environment because of his condition. “I’m often said that I picak (blind) by my friends,” he added.

But instead the treatment, he became excited and had the will to keep on going and independent. Until one day, he attended a pop singing audition and successfully became the runner-up winner. The time goes on, and Agus finally has an opportunity to join a music concert to Tokyo, Japan. “The concerts were held in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan. Even, in 2012, Agus Inspirator showed up in the television program, Kick Andy in Metro TV. Now he becomes a Metamorphosis Music Inspirator.

Passion and Independency

Passion and independency were specially emphasized by Regional Secretary Assistant of Economy of Development and Welfare of Klaten, Purwanto Anggono Cipto, who represented the Klaten Regent, Hj. Sri Hartini. There are 9,720 people with different ability in Klaten. Hopefully, the people with different ability always have the passion and independency.

The Klaten Regent in her speech whom was read by Purwanto stated that she appreciated the launching of inclusive center in Karanganom Sub-district. This activity hopefully could encourage the development of inclusive education in Klaten and proofing that Klaten is a non-discriminative district at once.

On that occasion, Purwanto also stated that Karanganom Sub-district became a pilot area for the other areas as the inclusive sub-district. Recently, all Village Heads in Karanganom Sub-district allocated Rp 5 million from APBDes for the activities of people with different ability. It is expected that each village allocate 2 percent of the APBDes for the same activities.

Inclusive Center

Meanwhile, the Head of Karanganom Sub-district, Slamet Samodro Karyadi said that inclusive center in Karanganom is a place for people with different ability, their families, and the volunteers to have their activities in order to do the activities of rehabilitation and self-actualization to reach the independency of the people with different ability. “Some activities to start the inclusive center have been done, such as Stroke Center, the Parents of Children with Special Needs Forum, Self Help Group (SHG) of people with different ability, Pre-Cooperatives of People with Different Ability, and Inclusive Learning Center," he said.

According to the recent data collection done in the sub-districts, there are 3,900 people with different ability in Karanganom Sub-district.

Due to they do not have their own building, the activities of Inclusive Center are temporarily using the Hall of Karanganom Sub-district Office. Currently, the Head of Karanganom Sub-district is seeking the building grant from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The activities in the Inclusive Centre are held every Saturdays. The people with different ability, who face difficulties to access the transportation, will be picke up by the vehicle from the sub-district office or mobile health clinic car. In this Inclusive Centre, the people with different ability will be motivated and assisted by the facilitators in accordance with their needs.

The realization of this Inclusive Center is the cooperation from many parties, such as: KARINAKAS, Cakra Husada Hospital Klaten, Regional Psychiatric Hospital of Dr Soedjarwadi, Central General Hospital of DR Tirtonegoro, Islam Hospital Klaten, Poltekkes Surakarta, and Ikatan Fisioterapi Indonesia (IFI-Indonesian Physiotherapy Association) Klaten. (Author: Ferry T. Indratno, Translated by: Mita)

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