Gender Training

Metta Yanti (center) acting as the interviewee with Ella William, a nurse from Germany who shared her experience as the volunteer for people with autism in Germany (Photo: Agus Wahyudi)


Agus Wahyudi

To improve the community’s comprehension on gender, KARINAKAS Care Program supported by The Asia Foundation held a Gender Training in Weru Sub-district, Sukoharjo, Central Java. The training was attended by RBM team (Rehabilitasi Bersumberdaya Masyarakat/Community Based Rehabilitation), Posyandu cadres, and SHG (Self Help Group), with Meta Yanti from Yogyakarta as the speaker.

Actually, what is gender? Gender can be defined as condition where the born individual biologically as male and female who then has social characterization as male and female through masculinity and femininity attributes which often supported by values or system and symbols in the related community. In brief, gender means a social construction on sex, becomes the social role and behavior.

In this training, the speaker described the rights equation between men and women. Besides, the participants were also given the understanding of power on their own bodies. So, they can position the appropriate body positioning. (Translated by: Mita)


Self Help GroupSelf Help Group

Self Help GroupSelf Help Group

Self Help Group product and activity (photo:ferry)


For Dwi Astuti of Beku and Wiji of Jeblog, both are difable friends from Karanganom Sub-district, Klaten, they never thought that they will join the SHG, along with the community in their villages. Joko Waluyo of Pomah Village, Tulung Sub-district, a difable person, becomes the Chairman of SHG in Pomah Village, which consisting of 20 members.

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