KARINAKAS and Tahija Foundation Visited Tunas Bangsa Learning Center

Kunjungan Yayasan Tahija


KARINAKAS and Tahija Foundation in Jakarta visited Inclusive Learning Center of Tunas Bangsa in Nguter, Sukoharjo, Central Java on Friday, 19 February 2016. In this occasion, the teachers and parents shared the handling of the children with different ability (difable) to the Tahija Foundation and Karinakas in Inclusive Learning Center of Tunas Bangsa. They who presented in this occasion were the Director of Karinakas, Father A. Banu Kurnianto, Pr,  the Coordinator of Program Managers of KARINAKAS, R. Anang Setiyargo, the Program Manager of KARINAKAS Care Program, Pramono Murdoko, the Chief of Tahija Foundation, A. Wahyuhadi, and the staffs of Tahija office in Yogyakarta, Agus and Budi. The visit was warmly welcomed by Puji Handayani and the assistants of Learning Center/Early Childhood Education and Development of Tunas Bangsa. The head of Nguter Village was also present at that moment. (Photo: Ferry, Translated by: Mita)


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