Toward Resilient Community

Sukoharjo, Central Java (1/11)


Sanggar Anak Inklusi (Inclusive Children Studio) Nguter village, Nguter sub-district, Sukoharjo district was trusted by the local government to held Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) activities. Even, the officer cooperative of Nguter sub-district provided the place to held CBR planning program implementations.


Formerly, KARINAKAS along with health cadres and village government officers started the first step of CBR program by pioneering the establishment of  the PAUD Inklusi (Early Childhood Inclusion Education). Along the way, the responds from community and stakeholders were good and positive. The PAUD were developed into Sanggar Anak Inklusi that has many activities.


“This building is very helpful for us. At least there are many possibilities to held activities that able to empower PWDs and educate people in the community,” said Pramono, KARINAKAS staff who assisted that area. “There are several routine activities that have been conducted from medic, education to livelihood sector,” he added while showing the products created by CBR partners.


Since occupying the new building on August, there were many CBR activities had been conducted. As if that building is a CBR headquarter that  serving trainings for PWDs and their family, PWDs medical services as well as early childhood inclusive education.


Moreover, the local government had suggested that Sanggar could be PKBM (Public Learning Activity Centre) in Nguter sub-district area. Of course, it was a big opportunity that could not be missed considering that the sanggar ‘s sustainability would be more secured with turned into PKBM. The local government would facilitate the funding for the CBR activities.


Until now, the role of volunteers are significant. The youth from surrounding community take part with Posyandu cadres.  From the funding side, there are some personals that consciously distribute for the sanggar’s  sustainability.


“We hope that there are some activities that could gain funding contributions so  it is not continuously rely on the willingness of some parties,” said Pramono ended the conversation.



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