Basic DRR Training

Yogyakarta, October 25 2012

KARINAKAS held a training of PRB KPRB (Disaster Risk Reduction-Participatory Disaster Risk Analysis) for volunteers in two assisted communities. The training was conducted on October 21-25 in Wisma Joglo Yogyakarta.

After  doing the study for two months, DRR program of KARINAKAS decided the new assisted communities, they are Melikan village in Klaten district and Tegalrejo village in Gunung Kidul district.

This is the first training for the volunteer candidates of DRR program.  Since the major training participants were new communities so the training material was the basic concept of DRR and conducted in community level. The training material was enriched by the sharing moment from the volunteer of previous assisted community who attended the training.



Coincidentally, the training was held at the same time with Asian Ministry Conference – Disaster Risk Reduction which was conducted in Yogyakarta on October 21 – 25, 2012. It gave an opportunity to the participants to visit the exhibition and enrich the knowledge.

“Mostly, it is the first time for the participants to join in such training and get to know about the DRR concept.   So, the material and delivery technique is given in accordance with their dynamic,” said Yohanes Baskoro, PM of DRR program during the closing ceremony by Program Manager Coordinator R. Anang Setiyargo.

“The spirit that participants have motivate us, the staff of DRR and volunteer, to do the following processes,” said Baskoro.


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