KARINAKAS' Director Handover

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The handover of KARINAKAS Director was conducted on August 02, 2012. Officially,  the leadership handed over by Bapak Methodius Kusumahadi to Fr. Antonius Banu Kurniato. Attended by General Vicar of the Archdiocese of Semarang, the event done in simply and also being witnessed by Program Manager of KARINAKAS.

Pak Meth is the person who encourage all staff to put the strong foundation together for the sustainability of the institution. His roles was began on early 2009, assisting KARINAKAS in planning 2009 – 2013 strategies. A year following, according to the request from Archdiocese of Semarang and his spirit, he became a director in the middle of his densely activities as a consultant for institutions/organizations.

During Pak Meth’s leadership, KARINAKAS is invited to build an effective and efficient working system and culture, the development of new program as well as the implementation of constructing KARINAKAS’s office.

“There are some points left that must be done, and I entrusted to Fr. Banu as the new director to continue that. Those had been written here”, said Pak Meth handing his notebook related to the leadership.

Formerly, Fr. Banu was a staff assistance of seminarians in High School Education Catholic Mertoyudan. His involvement in KARINAKAS had begun since the 2006 earthquake. Moreover, on 2009, Fr. Banu was one of the KARINAKAS program coordinators. New spirit of old staff.

According to Assignment Decree from the Archbishop of Semarang, Fr. Banu has already responsible on his duty as director since July 2012. After this handing over, Fr. Banu officially becomes  the director of KARINAKAS and Bapak Methodius Kusumahadi will be one of the daily Board Members of KARINAKAS.

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