“Aware, Alert, and Consistent in Facing the Disaster”

After the earthquake which epicenter in Bantul, DIY, measuring 5.0 on the Richter scale at a depth of 10-km, at 18:41:38 WIB on August 1, 2010 (www.bmg.go.id), KARINAKAS and Forum Peduli Difabel Bantul (FPDB) conducted “Pelatihan Pengurangan Resiko Bencana untuk Difabel Paraplegia di Wilayah Kabupaten Bantul”(Disaster Risk Reduction Training for Difable of Paraplegia in Bantul Region) on Wednesday and Thursday, 25-26 August 2010. The theme of this training is ”Eling, Waspada lan Sembada Ngadepi Bebaya” (Berikhtiar untuk senantiasa sadar dan waspada terhadap ancaman atau bahaya sambil meningkatkan kemampuan komunitas untuk mengurangi resiko bencana) “Remember, Alert, and Fair in  Facing the Disaster”(Effort to always be aware and alert toward the disaster by increasing the community skills in disaster risk reduction). This training is held in Ruang Pertemuan Pusat Rehabilitasi Terpadu Penyandang Cacat (PRTPC), Pundong, Bantul.

The training was very severe in the first simulation-before the materials given. One of the facilitator from Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB) Deutschland blew the whistle as the earthquake marker, and the difables are asked to rescue themselves.  The difables’ assistants run quickly under the table or out the room. But the difables, who are on the wheelchairs, looked confuse as seen in their mimic.

They looked puzzle; some of them cycled their wheelchairs to the door, some others just surrendered by sitting silently on their wheelchairs. Because of that, the aim of the training is that the difable community can manage­ the risk, reduce, self-recover from the disaster effect without depending on others. It also can develop the safety culture by promoting the efforts in prevention, mitigation, and alert for disaster risk which revitalized the locality in Bantul.

Saliyem, a training participant, hopes that after getting the training, she will be prepared and experienced because the DIY  earthquake 2007 left a deep trauma and made her sit on the wheelchair all her life. The earthquake which happened on August 21,2010 also made her panic for some times. But whenever people got the knowledge and training about disaster and how to manage it, the risk can be minimized the risk and hopefully people can struggle from the threat. “The life destiny, let the one above who decides, the important thing is that we have struggling” said Saliyem.

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