The activity of Merapi Mountain on November 8, 2010 from 00.00-06.00 WIB

Based on the information in, during 00.00-06.00 WIB there are no volcanic and tectonic quakes. Avalanches, tremor, hot clouds are continuously happened.

The observation of Merapi Mountain from Cawan (east Klaten) reported that the eruption sound was heard. At the same time, the observer from Ketep reported that 1 km height smoke was seen, hot smoke was not seen, but thundering sound was heard. In Ketep, there was ash rain to West and North West direction. Observer from Klaten reported that there is a 3-4 km column, high pressure, light gray color with the direction to South West and thundering sound. The hot cloud flew to Kali Gendol and Kali Woro.

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