The activities of Merapi Mountain on November 8, 2010, from 06.00-12.00 WIB


Based on the information in, during 06.00-12.00 WIB, hot cloud with medium intensity happened twice for maximum 9 minutes, while volcanic quake happened 9 times.

The emergency post in Ketep reported that the thundering sounds with medium and high intensity were still heard. Avalanches sound sometimes heard but it cannot be observed directly because it covered by the fog. The hot cloud in Kali Gendol is sometimes seen. The wind blew to the west. At 10.53 WIB, thin ash rain happened. Rain occurred on the top of the mountain which causing some flow in Kali Senowo, Kali Apu, Kali Lamat, Kali Trising. In Ketep, the drizzle occurred until 11.52 WIB. The observer of east sector (Klaten) reported that the thundering sound can be heard clearly in Deles. The hot cloud can be observed blowing to the South west for several time with high speed with maximum distance 4 km

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