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Sitrep # 24 – Merapi Eruption


December 9th 2010

Prepared by

Yohanes Baskoro (Assesment Coordinator)

Yohanes Bayu (Logistic Coordinator)

Albert Deby H (Communication Officer)


A. General

If you want to clearly understand of the places mentioned below, please download the picture of safe zone of Merapi Eruption from this link

Based on the evaluation data of volcano observation, it is concluded that volcanic activities of Merapi has reduced significantly. Due to that, the alert status was lowered as of Friday, December 3rd 2010, but people living on the slopes of the volcano were told to remain cautious of possible secondary eruptions. Residents were also reminded about the danger of floods of mud whenever there were heavy rains at the volcano’s peak. According to Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center statement, intense rain at the peak of Merapi could incite both secondary eruptions and mud floods along the 12 rivers that originated at Merapi.

Thick and hot pyroclastic deposits could explode when they came into contact with heavy rain. This is as dangerous as the pyroclastic flows themselves because it can cause volcanic ash, sand and even big rocks to rush down rivers, he said. He called on people to stay away from all rivers that originated from Merapi, as they were all completely filled with sediment from Merapi’s volcanic material. Areas at least 300 meters from the banks of these rivers must be cleared from any human activities.

The danger zone had been reduced to a radius of 2.5 kilometers from the crater, except for the three districts of Cangkringan, Ngemplak and Pakem in Sleman District on the southern slopes of Merapi, which remain within a 15-kilometer radius.

Meanwhile, 252 hamlets in 79 villages in five sub-districts of Magelang district, Central Java, whose territory passed by stream of rivers tipped on Merapi are vulnerable to cold lava flood threat.

December 5th

366 villagers who lived near the bank of Putih River, Magelang, were evacuated to the village hall of Jumoyo and the office of Hajj Federation of Indonesia. They were evacuated because the flood of volcanic material was struck their villages.

December 6th

Volcanic materials that fill Jumoyo Bridge, Magelang has reached 1 meter high. The traffic acces from Magelang to Yogyakarta and vise versa was closed.

One child was killed and five bridges in Bantul district dropped out due to floods swept away. A total of 363 houses were also flooded and 2 (two) 70 meters retaining wall in the bank of the Code River were destroyed because of the volcanic material flood.

December 8th

Volcanic material flood happened in Magelang areas, Central Java. The flood fulfilled Jumoyo Bridge again. Water passed 15 cm above the bridge. Due to that, Police closed the traffic from Magelang to Yogyakarta and vice versa. There was 15 km traffic jam on that area.


B. Coordination

  • KARINAKAS has closed the first Emergency Response of Merapi Eruption on December 9th. It is in line with the government decision on Emergency Response – Merapi Eruption. Now, KARINAKAS prepare to implement the second phase of Emergency Response or Emergency Appeal of Caritas Internationalis. EA program will be implemented from December 2010 – January 2011. KARINAKAS is waiting for the commitment of Caritas Internationalis Members Organizations on the EA program.
  • Regarding to the EA program, KARINAKAS has got the selected parishes commitment to participate on the program. Some parishes has signed the Memorandum of Understanding between KARINAKAS and Parish. Therefore, relief items distribution and
  • First phase of Emergency Response report for CIMOs is being prepared and will be submitted on December 13th at the latest. KARINAKAS will prepare report for public. This report will be accessible to stakeholders, especially the local donors. The public report will be submitted to public before Christmas.
  • The rest of the fund that KARINAKAS has been accepted from local donors will be implemented on the next phase of Emergency Response in line with the EA program.


C. Distribution

please follow this link to see the item distributed by KARINAKAS from October 27th until December 9th , 2010.


Total Donation (local and CIMOs)
Received per December 9th, 2010: IDR 2,863,487,155
Total Expenditures per December 2nd, 2010: IDR 1,850,001,314
Available Funds per December 2nd, 2010: IDR 1,013,485,841

E.Contact Persons

1.Rogatianus Anang S.

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2.Yohanes Baskoro

   Mobile: 0813 2871 3052

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