KARINAKAS’ Psychosocial Assistance


Yogyakarta, 27/11/2010


One of the effects of Merapi eruption is the psychology of the survivors. It becomes KARINAKAS concern. Merapi still erupted even though not as worst as what happened on 5 November 2010. Some of their survivors have come back to their houses which are in the safe zone. KARINAKAS psychosocial team cooperates with Tlatah Bocah Community, Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata (UNIKA Soegijapranata), and Dinamika Edukasi Dasar (DED).


The psychosocial team of UNIKA assisted both adult and children survivors. The team is doing personal approach to the adult survivor. They face some difficulties while doing the assistance because the survivors are difficult to say their problems honestly. The survivors get stiff and dizzy as the effect of this condition.To assist the survivors, the team uses hypnotherapy to make them feel relax and accept their condition.

The survivor children tend to be not happy or become not cheerful or taciturn and some of them become hyperactive as the psychological effect of the disaster. They assist the children through games in a group.


The posts that assisted by UNIKA Soegijapranata are Posko Golkar, UMM, Yogadharma, Bulog, GOR PT Kertas Blabak, Dusun Gedangan, Kelurahan Blabak, Posko Mungkid, dan Posko STT.


Hopefully, this assistance can reduce the psychology burden of the survivors; the adult survivors can accept their condition and the children survivors’ happiness can return.



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