Medical Service for Merapi Survivors


Tuesday, 16 November 2010


The medical team of KARINAKAS (12-13/11) visited the survivors in some spots, such as Kulonprogo, Magelang, and klaten. The service spots in Kulonprogo are in the residences and school. Medical service also held in Nanggulan sub district, Kulonprogo, Gantiwarno sub district, Klaten, and Borobudur sub district, Magelang.


The activities of medical team of KARINAKAS are build compassion to Merapi survivors in the barrack. The health of the survivors which is not handled can be decrease because in few days they have to struggle to sleep, and eat whatever is available. Their mental condition and also volcanic ash which threatens the respiratory health is also need to be concerned.


The survivors in Kulonprogo who get the service are 38 persons. Not all the survivors are handle by KARINAKAS medic because there were some obstacles, they were spread, randomly and in the small number in houses, moreover there were some survivors who go back to their houses to take care of their poultry, it makes the medical services does not work effectively, so we coordinated with the village board to wait until the activities of gathering the patient which coordinated by the village board in Nanggulan Sub district, Kulonprogo. After that we served 2 spots in the residents’ houses for evacuated.


The patient which is handle were 117 person, they were gathered in SD – SMP Satu Atap Borobudur sub disrtrict, Magelang District. Those spots are not a barrack, but relatively isolated region (on the hill) and affected by thick ash (about 5 cm). There were 55 households, 247 person and almost all are farmers. The region is affected by the ash badly and all their farming/field destroyed. The residents are difficult to access the aids because they are not a refugee and in the save zone. The food (ketahanan pangan) is not good because of the effect of Merapi ash. According to the residence, they need food supply to survive. Their illness are usually ISPA, diare, konjungtivitis as the result of the thick ash in the village.


The health facilities like closest puskesmas in Borobudur sub district should be accessed by go down the hill. There were village clinic, but the medicine supply is very limited and difficult because the affected population is not a refugee. The well water contaminated by ash. The sanitation and houses are still in a good condition. In the service in Borobudur sub district, Magelang district, KARINAKAS medical team helped by Sr. Cosma (nurse in Rumah Bersalin Susteran AK, Ungaran), and village midwife Klerugmunggang and 5 students of nursing from Respati University, Yogyakarta.



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