Merapi’s Activities Give Bless


Thursday, 18 November 2010


It has been 3 weeks since Merapi erupted. Until today, the status is still ‘awas’. There are some survivors who stay in the barrack and some residents’ houses as their temporary shelter especially those who evacuated from zone 4.

The Merapi eruptions waken the conscience and solidarity. There are 259 Merapi tolls. It paralyzed the economy, transportation, tourism, and poultry. But, from it, there will be a value behind it.

For few days, ash rain occurred in Yogyakarta, Magelang, Boyolali, and Klaten. Pyroclastic which flew with the water through river overflew in Yogyakarta. The elements in pyroclastic from Merapi have the positive role for the economy and farming around Merapi.


For example, volcanic sediment which comes through irrigation Code River and Opak River can fix the fertility of the soil into 10 centimeters depth. The root will absorb it after the soil plowed. It is containing very high SiO which is good for rejuvenate the soil. Volcanic ash element and sulfur were very effective to combat the pest.

Sand and stone are living sources for the community which is becoming penambang pasir tradisional. The iron (FeO) is good for building materials. The sand for Merapi contains lack of mud which made the mud in better quality, the resistance is good and not easily porous.

Merapi eruption gives bless for the community in Yogyakarta and around. We just need to be patient waiting for the eruption over after four years ago. Many aspect of live were fixed indirectly by the nature.


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