Cold Lava Overflew in Merapi’s Watershed

Thursday, 02 December 2010
It has been 7 weeks, the Merapi eruption happened in Yogyakarta and some of Central Java Region. Today, Merapi shows its modesty, as if nothing happened. Noted from last October 26, 2010, Merapi has been erupted 140 million meter cubic pyroclastic deposits. Hot lava and hot cloud became the main tread which could destroy villages 5 km to the south and south west. Now, the secondary thread is cold lava overflow in the rivers which have their upper reaches in Merapi.

The ministry of energy and mineral sources since November 12, 2010 has observed the flow of cold lava of Merapi Volcano which cover rivers from Merapi from south east, south, south west, west, and northwest. The water debit which flow from Woro river, Gendol river, Kuning river, Boyong river, Bedog river, Krasak river, Bebeng river, Sat river, Lamat river, Senowo river, Trising river, and Apu river needed to be observe every day because if they cannot accommodate the rain water, it can threaten the houses along it. Srowol Bridge in Progowati village, Munkid sub district, Magelang which connect Magelang and Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta was broken because of the cold lava. While, Gondowangi bridge in Gondowinangun village, Sawangan sub district collapsed. Lava flood also broke the irrigation in 16 spots in Magelang district.

Code river which slits Yogyakarta city is one of rivers which upstream in Merapi. Cold lava flood has approached the city. Yogyakarta Major, Herry Zudianto through Kompas (02/12) declared the emergency status for Code. On November 27, Code River which flow to Yogyakarta city overflew. Hundreds of residents who live near the river were evacuated to Gadjah Mada University and to some other places. Fortunately, the residents have informed about the disaster risk reduction few years ago. No one was dead or injured since the coordination between the resident, the local leaders, and government. The flood started at 5 o’clock and settled down at 9 o’clock.

According to Kepala Dinas Pemukiman dan Prasarana Wilayah Kota Yogyakarta, Eko Suryo Maharso, it needs 4 billion rupiah to fix about 200 m of the Code river bank. Now, there is an anticipation for the next cold lava flood by digging the material in the east and west side of Code river in the south of Gondolayu village by the army, Yogyakarta government and the residences. There are about 28 drains clogged and 41 toilet facility damage.

Now, flood prevention is needed after the initial flood in Yogyakarta and Central Java. Learn from the Merapi eruption, it is needed to see the movement of the survivors. The spots of survivors post should be pointed so that it is easier to be mapped. Sanitation post the flood became problems which have to be prepared from now. Hopefully, if the community has ready and know the steps to do, the disaster risk can be reduced. , Kompas, 02 Desember 2010,

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