Implementation of Accessibility in Indonesia


Wednesday, 15 December 2010


KARINAKAS with UGM, UCP, SIGAB, IRISH AID, BALAIRUNG and HANDICAP INTERNASIONAL celebrate International difabel day by helding Disability and Human Rights Expo which consist of abilities expo, art performance, and public discussion. The theme of the discussion is Akses Mobilitas adalah Hak. This event is held for 3 days in Grha Sabha Pramana.

In the second day (13/12), the discussion had the theme ‘Impelmetasi Aksesibilitas di Indonesia’. In the plan, there are 4 speakers, namely Adjar Prayudi (Kimpraswil), Heri Zudianto (Yogya Mayor), Ikaputra(UGM), dan Aji (post graduate student of UGM), but the second speaker couldnot attend it. The first speaker (Adjar Prayudi) discussed about the accessibility in the level of national policy, the second speaker (Ikaputra) discussed about the existing condition of the accessible public facilities in Indonesia especially in Yogykarta.

The discussion shows some public facilities which are accessible in Yogyakarta. Ikaputra, the lecturer of Architecture UGM, criticized the positive and negative sides of those public facilities. At the end of his presentation, he emphasized that accessibility for all especially in public facilities is an urgent need.

The last speaker (Aji) shared his experiences as a difabel in his working environment and in the public building. He faced many difficulties in riding his wheelchair in those places. If all the public facilities are accessible for difabel and non difabel, those difabels could independently go wherever they want. The human right for difabel in public facilities should become main issue/concern.

In the west side of Grha Sabha Pramana, there is an Expo from the organization which concern on disabilities issue. After the discussion, there was a performance from AMPFA (Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artist). There was a painting artist who painted using his foot. There are not many visitors in the expo, maybe because of the lack of support of this issue or maybe people still do not know about this issue. Let’s support the difabel to get their right in accessing the public facilities, started from our own environment.


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