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Sitrep # 26 – Merapi Eruption


December 29th 2010

Prepared by

Albert Deby H (Communication Officer)


A. General

December 23rd

Volcanic material flood happened on Gendol River, Cangkringan, Sleman District. This flood is the greatest ever since the eruption


December 26th

Government decided to close the biggest IDPs camp in Maguwoharjo Stadion and started the main IDPs Camp in Pakem Sub district, Sleman District. Approximately, 500 IDPs have been relocated to some IDPs camp in Pakem area. There are 9 camps prepared by Sleman Government in several areas such as:  SMP Sunan Kalijaga, Bronggang, Argomulyo, Cangkringan, and Glagaharjo village.


December 27th

Volcanic material flood in Pabelan River destroyed two houses in Ngipik Village, Magelang District area.  Pabelan River is now 300 m wide. It used to be only 70 m wide. This happened because almost 10 hectare. Pabelan River only as wide as 70 m before is now increased to about 300 meters. This is because about 10 hectares of paddy fields and yard area to the river erosion.

Hundreds of villagers from Kliwan, Argomulyo Village, were evacuated due to volcanic material flood in Opak River.  

Volcanology Office of Yogyakarta will evaluate the recent status of Merapi Volcano because the volcanic activities of Merapi are getting lower. According to the observation, sulfate gas, pyroclastic flows, tremors, and volcanic material are no longer expelled from the crater.

86 households in Bakalan Hamlet, Argomulyo Village, Cangkringan Sub District, Sleman District, started to live in the temporary shelter located ini Kuwang Hamlet, Argomulyo. After more than a month in the IDPs camps, villagers now can stay in the temporary shelter. Three households due to the lack of number of shelter use each temporary shelter.


B. Coordination

• Most of the Parishes that are KARINAKAS’ partner, are postponing their service due to the Christmas Day. Some of them have started their service on December 28th. Some of the rest will start their service for the survivors on the beginning of January 2011.

•  6 parishes already signed MoU of EA implementation. It is an advantage also because the fund that is proposed to CI was planned for 8 parishes but the pledge fund was for 6 parishes.

• Community Organizer staffs have already engaged with the selected parishes activities. They will work with the volunteers and community to gather information and conduct assessment for the next phase.

• December 29th, the first period of relief items distribution was conducted in two parishes, Somohitan (600 HH) and Sumber (200 HH). The relief items are donated by Caritas Switzerland. The second period of distribution and the distribution for the four other parishes will be delivered also.


C. Contact Persons
Rogatianus Anang S.

Mobile: 0812 2691 227

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Yohanes Baskoro

Mobile: 0813 2871 3052

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

D. Other Information

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