CMDRR Training


CMDRR team will conduct assistance new area in Kulon Progo, Klaten and Gunung Kidul, after assisted previous area in Sragen, Bantul and Magelang. The program started with CMDRR Training on 24 – 27 May 2011 in “Disaster Oasis” Training Centre, Pakem Sleman. 


There were 30 participants, representative from Pacing Village-Klaten, Serut Village-Gunung Kidul, Sidoharjo Village-Kulon Progo, Boro Archdiocese, Promasan Archdiocese, Wedi Archdiocese, and Boyolali Archdiocese. The participants were the candidates of CMDRR facilitator who will provide technical assistance in local area. Sragen Archdiocese local facilitator and Jaga Bebaya Bantul Community also attended this training.


The training provided a lot of disaster education tools to deliver knowledge of DRR activity model in Indonesia. The approach used discussion, interactive question and answer method to understand DRR basic concept. Participant should be active in every discussion in order to gain knowledge about basic factor of the threat, capacity and susceptibility on DRR. They also got knowledge about prevention, mitigation, and preparedness on emergency response and disaster manage cycle. They will understand the relation on disaster, development, and resistance of community that mentioned on Disaster Control Regulation No. 24, 2007. KARINAKAS wish the facilitator candidates are able to cooperate with, as KARINAKAS did before in Sragen, Bantul and Magelang to produce disaster participative study.




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