Riding along the road on Merapi slope, we will see salak trees everywhere, as hedgerows, or trees which planted in somebody’s garden, or it is planted in the field. This is Sleman district in D.I Yogyakarta province which is popular with its salak. This district is one of the affected district of Merapi eruption.


I entered a yard; where there is a house and a 3x3m cage near it, in a field of salak tree. It is Mr.Widiatmojo’s house, In Gading hamlet, Somohitan Parish. Mr. Wid is one of the people who run the pilot project broiler ducks. He and his group learn about duck poultry. This is the first phase. Every member of the group which consist of 25 people gets 100 (DOD/day old duck) in the first phase and another 100 DOD in the second phase.



Have you ever watched ‘Steven Schachter’s Door to Door movie? It is a touching true story of Bill Porter, a cerebral palsy patient who struggled for a job. Because of the cerebral palsy, Bill Porter almost cannot move his right hand. Medical researcher assumed that he suffers mental retardation, and suggested his parents to put him into mental hospital. His parents refused it and decided to support Bill to be independent until he had finished high school. After the graduation, Bill entered the new world. He had to get a job. Bill got many times refusal as an applicant. Bill has never passed more than 7 days on working and it made him cannot be employed. Bill insisted that he did not want to receive government allowance. Finally, Bill had chance to work in Watkins-US Company after he convinced the director. Bill started selling Watkin’s product by door to door selling on the area that almost no one wanted to buy his product. He decided that selling product was his career. Bill’s persistence on working at Watkins Company showed us that disability was not an obstacle. He gave in that area, he got customers. He worked there until he was 70 years old and people called him as “The Watskin Man”, he has ever got chance selling Watkin’s product for fundraising of United Cerebral Palsy.


Japan 8.9 SR earthquake and tsunami shocked the world. Television, radio, and online news released it. The horrible incident is reported from earthquake started until the tsunami finished. In the other hands of the grief, Japan received praises from United Nations for disaster preparedness. Survivors queued in line when received relief items. There was no pillage.


The purpose of Disaster Risk Reduction Program is designing community preparedness from disaster. Since 2009, disaster-prone area such as Sragen often flooded by overflow from Bengawan Solo’s river. Community has been prepared for reduce disaster risk that will experience if flood hit. through assistance and study of disaster DRR team gave training to the community. Activity of Basic Knowledge Training of Disaster Risk Reduction and First Aid Response with St.Maria di Fatima’s volunteer and Sayuk Rukun community to produce flood emergency response simulation. It held (13/03) on Kembangan water reservoir, Sragen district. Simulation described how the community and society are ready to the emergency situation.


CMDRR team will conduct assistance new area in Kulon Progo, Klaten and Gunung Kidul, after assisted previous area in Sragen, Bantul and Magelang. The program started with CMDRR Training on 24 – 27 May 2011 in “Disaster Oasis” Training Centre, Pakem Sleman. 


There were 30 participants, representative from Pacing Village-Klaten, Serut Village-Gunung Kidul, Sidoharjo Village-Kulon Progo, Boro Archdiocese, Promasan Archdiocese, Wedi Archdiocese, and Boyolali Archdiocese. The participants were the candidates of CMDRR facilitator who will provide technical assistance in local area. Sragen Archdiocese local facilitator and Jaga Bebaya Bantul Community also attended this training.


The training provided a lot of disaster education tools to deliver knowledge of DRR activity model in Indonesia. The approach used discussion, interactive question and answer method to understand DRR basic concept. Participant should be active in every discussion in order to gain knowledge about basic factor of the threat, capacity and susceptibility on DRR. They also got knowledge about prevention, mitigation, and preparedness on emergency response and disaster manage cycle. They will understand the relation on disaster, development, and resistance of community that mentioned on Disaster Control Regulation No. 24, 2007. KARINAKAS wish the facilitator candidates are able to cooperate with, as KARINAKAS did before in Sragen, Bantul and Magelang to produce disaster participative study.





Tuesday, 14 December 2010


That day Merapi looked so beautiful. There was a thin cloud covering the mountain. Merapi became friend of people who live on its slope. Whenever the mountain is active, the hot cloud erupted, and the material erupted, the people stepped aside for awhile. They let the mountain active because they believe that Merapi give blessing to Sleman, Yogyakarta, Magelang, Boyolali, and Klaten. Sand, volcanic ash, stones, and sulfur are the gift from the mountain for those who life from agriculture, fishery, sand quarry and poultry.

Thursday, 02 December 2010
It has been 7 weeks, the Merapi eruption happened in Yogyakarta and some of Central Java Region. Today, Merapi shows its modesty, as if nothing happened. Noted from last October 26, 2010, Merapi has been erupted 140 million meter cubic pyroclastic deposits. Hot lava and hot cloud became the main tread which could destroy villages 5 km to the south and south west. Now, the secondary thread is cold lava overflow in the rivers which have their upper reaches in Merapi.

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